Wednesday 3 July 2019

Tuesday of Week 24 Year 1

During Jesus' time, widows were considered helpless and powerless, as they had no one to protect or support them in their needs. In today's Gospel, the widow was considered practically dead too, since without her only son, she had no means to provide for herself. But then she encountered the compassion of Jesus. Jesus was moved with pity for her, saw her pain and grief, and felt her sorrow and helplessness. By restoring her only son to life, Jesus showed his love and concern, giving back to her hope and new life, and restored her to her community.

What about us, if we see someone who is helpless and powerless, would we do our utmost best to help the person, so that the person would get back hope and new life? Or would we mind our own business and look the other way, or simply wish the person well and not get involved? May we learn to imitate the love and compassion that Jesus shows us, so that all may know what it really means to be a Christian.

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