Wednesday 3 July 2019

Saturday of Week 25 Year 1

What sort of security do you seek in life? Some of us seek plenty of wealth and property as a form of security. Some seek fame, popularity and recognition as a form of security. Some seek knowledge and power as a form of security. But the reality is that these forms of security are only temporary and one day, we will lose them. How many of us are truly and consistently seeking God as our security, instead of all these temporary forms of security?

In today's reading, the prophet Zechariah, in a vision, said that Jerusalem was to remain unwalled. The reading assures us that God would be the wall of fire for her all round her, and He will be her glory in the midst of her. Jerusalem, by remaining unwalled, reminds us that, instead of relying on human forms of security, we should rely more on God for our security. Are we willing to let go of or be detached from any form of of temporary security, and let God be our true and permanent security?

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