Saturday 15 June 2019

Tuesday of Week 20 Year 1

Some of us may have, from time to time, felt as if we are powerless and incapable of doing God's will, especially when the problems and issues we face seem too big or too difficult to handle. When we are faced with such a situation, what do we do? Do we continue to struggle and persevere in doing our task, without being too concerned about whether we are successful in completing such a task? Or would we give up on the task or avoid it completely?

In today's reading, the Lord turned to Gideon "and said, ‘Go in the strength now upholding you, and you will rescue Israel from the power of Midian. Do I not send you myself?’ Gideon answered him, ‘Forgive me, my lord, but how can I deliver Israel? My clan, you must know, is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least important in my family.’ the Lord answered him, ‘I will be with you and you shall crush Midian as though it were a single man.’" Even though Gideon felt that he was helpless and incapable of accomplish such a task, God assured him that he would be victorious, since God is with him to see it through.

What about us? Are we willing to trust in God's providence and let God use us to see the task through? If God is helping Gideon to be victorious, even though Gideon felt weak and least important, just imagine what God would do for us if we put our full trust and confidence in Him.

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