Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter

I believe most of us would have never experienced being in prison or in captivity before. To be in captivity, to lose freedom, and to be kept under surveillance all the time is certainly very stressful; and those of us who have visited the prisons before and spoken to the prisoners could attest to such conditions. Some may wait for the day to come when they could be released, and at the mean time passively wait for such a day. Others would be try to find a way to escape, and if they do and get captured, the consequences could be severe or drastic. There are also some who would turn captivity into an opportunity to see the best and be the best in such a situation.

In today's reading, In today's reading, St. Paul did not lament about being in chains or in captivity, despite his innocence, but he took the opportunity to proclaim the Kingdom of God despite wearing those chains. St. Paul stayed focused on Jesus, doing His will, and depending on His providence instead of wallowing in his predicament or unfortunate situation. In other words, St. Paul turned captivity into an opportunity to continue the task of preaching the Good News, come what may.

What about us? If we are in captivity, would we make the best of the situation and continue our efforts to preach the Good News? Or would we become passive, or even lose hope, thinking that we cannot do anything about our situation? Let us not despair or give up, but continue preaching the Good News no matter what circumstances we are in, and in doing so give glory to God.

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