Thursday 21 February 2019

Saturday of the 6th Week of Easter

What is our priority in life? Some of us think that our priority is our career or job, and we spend hours building it or climbing the corporate ladder. Some of us think that our priority is our peace of mind and happiness, and we find ways and means to maintain such peace and happiness. Some of us think that our priority is our family and loved ones, and we making every effort to find the time to spend quality time with them. But as Christians, what is our real priority?

In the four Gospels, we read of several times where Jesus assures us: "Ask and you will receive." But today's Gospel not only tells us: "Ask and you will receive," but also "and so that your joy will be complete." What is this joy that Jesus assures us about? Many a times, we think that our joy would be complete when our wants and needs are fulfilled. But perhaps one way of looking at the word "Joy" is when we prioritise our lives by putting our lives according to this order: J for Jesus, O for others, then only Y for you. When we prioritise our lives in that order - Jesus, others, you - then we will indeed find true meaning and joy in our lives, and then we would find our lives complete.

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