Wednesday 31 January 2018

Easter Saturday

We know that faith is a gift from God, and how we read the bible and accept the teachings of the faith depends on whether or not we received this gift of faith from God. If we have not received the gift of faith, then no matter how much we read the bible, no matter how many talks we attend which are conducted by powerful preachers, no matter how many books we read on theology, we would be reading only from an intellectual and academic level. However, sometimes we may have received faith, but because of personal interest, pride and ego, we choose not to let the faith develop and transform us. We want to be in control, or to maintain the status quo, resulting in that faith being seen as a threat, even though we may be at a lost as to how to counter it.

In today's reading, we see an example of how faith was evidently present, but the rulers, elders and scribes refused to allow such faith to change their lives. Even when presented with indisputable evidence of the man being cured, of which "they could find no answer."; and even though they admitted: "It is obvious to everybody in Jerusalem that a miracle has been worked through them in public, and we cannot deny it."; these rulers, elders and scribes still chose to go against such faith, out of sheer arrogance, pride and stubbornness.

What about us? Do we accept faith humbly and let God transform us? Or has faith become merely an academic exercise for us, to be used only when it suits us and benefits us? May we come to realise how precious and life-giving faith is, and let God transform us into something better.

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