Thursday 10 August 2017

Saturday of Week 21 Year 1

When God gives us certain gifts, talents and capabilities, such gifts, talents and capabilities are meant to be put to good use, especially to glorify God. But what happens to some is that they begin to think that such gifts, talents and capabilities are for themselves to use for their own benefit and glory. Some even become lazy and let their gifts, talents or capabilities go to waste, even to the point of one day losing such gifts, talents or capabilities, as a result of neglect or lack of practice. Are some of us guilty of reserving such gifts, talents or capabilities only for ourselves?

In today's gospel, the servant who buried his one talent in the ground was called "wicked and lazy" by his master. Some may think that the master seemed rather harsh with his words and in his treatment of that servant, but we must remember that the master had given the servant the one talent not for him to do as he pleases, but to benefit the master. Instead, the servant chose not to be bothered about what his master expected, and as a result, he suffered the consequences.

What about us? Are we putting our gifts, talents or capabilities to good use for the glory of God? Or have we become complacent or not bothered? Let us not end up like that "wicked and lazy" servant, losing our relationship with God due to our attitude and neglect, and end up being "thrown into the dark, where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth."

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