Wednesday 9 August 2017

Saturday of Week 20 Year 1

How generous are you when it comes to church and church activities? Would you be willing to give much time, talent and even money to enable the church to grow and carry out its mission? I find it amusing and interesting when I see what some people do when it comes to generosity. Some people would make all sorts of excuses, saying that they have not much time or money for church, and yet they can afford to buy big fancy cars, own property in affluent neighbourhoods, go for holidays overseas and even own several classy or high-end gadgets. Likewise, I have come across people who are not so well off, and yet they are willing to offer much time, talent and whatever amounts they can for church. Are we being generous for the glory of God, or are we being generous for ourselves?

In today's reading, we hear how Boaz affirmed Ruth on her kindness and generosity towards her mother-in-law, especially in leaving her own people and her own land and following her mother-in-law to a foreign land. Because of her generosity, Ruth was further rewarded when Boaz took her as his wife and she also became part of the genealogy of Jesus.

What about us, are we willing to be just as generous like Ruth, knowing that God has been so generous to us in many ways? May we come to realise that everything we have in life is because of God’s generosity. We wouldn’t have anything, we wouldn’t even be alive, if it weren’t for God’s generosity, and God wants us to be generous like He is. Are we willing to change our attitudes and ways, and give glory to God with our generosity?

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