Wednesday 20 May 2015

Christmas Eve - Midnight Mass

Are you really interested in the nativity of Jesus? Many of you may say you are, but how do you show that you are interested? Some of us may have been busy with our work, clearing up end of the year matters. Some of us may have been busy looking for nice and expensive presents at shopping malls, sometimes spending hours searching and identifying gifts for our friends and loved ones, and then having to endure long queues to pay for such gifts. Some of us may have been busy cooking and cleaning the house, so that there would be a nice meal for our families to enjoy and the house is spic and span. How many of us have been busy growing in our spiritual lives, and being loving and charitable towards the poor, the marginalised and others in need?

In the midst of all our busy-ness and the hustle and bustle going on around us, we may have forgotten the main reason why we are celebrating Christmas. We may have not noticed the poor, the marginalised, the sick, those facing persecution, and many others that society seems to avoid. If Jesus were to be born today, He would not be found in a palace, or some big hospital, or among the glitter and decorations at the shopping malls, or some other fancy place. Nobody would notice Jesus in such places anyhow, since there are so many other distractions and attractions around, and the rich and the powerful are too busy with their own affairs to actually take notice of an event such as this. It is the poor who take notice and recognise Jesus' coming because their daily lives depend on God’s providence. Have we learnt to be like the poor and noticed the nativity of Jesus, or have we become more and more like everyone else, concerned with ourselves and our loved ones?

Today, the angels proclaimed a beautiful message to all of us: "Today in the town of David a saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord … Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace to men who enjoy his favour." If our lives are so cluttered up by riches, ambition, greed, pride, or power, it is quite possible that we will be deaf to the song of the angels. But if today you also come to recognise that you are poor, that you are also broken, that you are weak, and that you need God, then you may not only listen to the message of the angels, but you would also be overjoyed and excited to share this wonderful message with others. May we refocus our lives towards Jesus, and bring the joy of Christmas to all around us.

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