Thursday 7 November 2013

Tuesday of Week 33 Year 1

Some of us look up to movie stars, music stars, and other "stars" who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment, movie, financial, etc. industry. We hope to follow their example and become successful and famous just like them. But how many of us look up to the saints and martyrs as shining examples of faith? It seems as if some of us are more interested in temporary success here on earth, compared to eternal "success" in heaven.

Today's reading shows us an excellent example of courage and willingness to sacrifice ones life to glorify God. The reading tells us that "Eleazar, one of the foremost teachers of the Law, a man already advanced in years and of most noble appearance, was being forced to open his mouth wide to swallow pig’s flesh. But he, resolving to die with honour rather than to live disgraced, went to the block of his own accord, spitting the stuff out, the plain duty of anyone with the courage to reject what it is not lawful to taste, even from a natural tenderness for his own life."

If we are asked to do something unlawful or illegal, would we do it? If our boss asks us to do something wrong for the benefit of the company, would we do it? Or would we follow the example of Eleazar in today's reading, preferring to die than to commit sin?  It is certainly easier said than done, as we are being continuously tempted by riches, wealth and promotion and in pursuit of such things, we may be soiling and destroying our soul. Let us pray and continue to depend on God's help to stay true, just and faithful to our duty as Catholics.

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