Friday 8 November 2013

Friday of Week 33 Year 1

If you happen to visit different churches in your travels, one question may pop up: is the church a house of prayer or a robber's den? While having activity around the church may be a good thing, sometimes the activity itself may cause distraction to those who want to have some peace and pray. Also, at times, certain activities such as buying and selling religious items, food stuff, etc. may tempt some to sin (cheating others when charging prices, gossiping, squabbling over price, etc.) When these things happen, we may be turning the church into a robber's den.

Thus, we need to re-examine ourselves: why are we in church? Are we genuinely seeking God in prayer and reflection? Are we aware of the presence of the Most High in the Blessed Sacrament? Do we have respect for the sacredness of the church, within and it's surrounding? Or have we allowed worldly activities to take precedence?

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