Tuesday 12 July 2022

Saturday of Week 16 Year 2

It is easy for us to condemn and complain about certain persons or groups in church who we think are sinning or behaving in an inappropriate way. Not only that, some of us may avoid getting involved in any church activities or even leave the church, because we think that the church is full of hypocrites or is full of sinners. Some of us think that only good people or saintly people should be in church, and everyone else is damned or condemned. But if we understand what being church means, we would realise that the church is for both saints and sinners, and all are called to holiness, all are called to repentance.

In today's Gospel, we come across the parable of the wheat and darnel. Instead of having the darnel removed quickly and in doing so, risk removing the wheat as well, the landowner allowed the wheat and darnel to grow together, until the time of harvest came. Once it was time to harvest, then only was the wheat and darnel separated. In the same way, God allows the church to have both saints and sinners present, and both are given ample chances and opportunities to grow in relationship with Him. But God is not going to wait too long for us to change our ways. When the harvest comes, would we be among the wheat, or would we end up among the darnel? Ultimately, it is our choice to make.

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