Thursday 19 August 2021

Wednesday of Week 30 Year 1

In today's Gospel, we are told that being merely a member or follower of Jesus does not automatically mean we will enter God’s Kingdom. Also, being acquaintances to Jesus does not automatically qualify us to share eternal life with Him. Besides that, Jesus reminds us that calling on the name of the Lord, ‘Lord, Lord,’ is not enough to enter the kingdom of heaven but listening and then doing God’s will is a necessity. Moreover, Jesus asserts that many from the gentile nations will enter God’s kingdom. God’s invitation to salvation is open to Jew and Gentile alike. People whom we never thought or expect to be in the Kingdom of heaven, will be there.

What does this mean to us? It means that entering into God’s Kingdom is not an automatic or guaranteed thing. It also means that being a member or follower of Jesus or even an acquaintance to Jesus does not mean that we are entitled to Heaven. Instead, we must struggle against the forces of temptation and whatever which would hinder us from doing His will like apathy, indifference, and compromise. Do we trust in God’s grace and help especially in times of testing and temptation, with hope that with His help and guidance, we would be with Him?

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