Friday 2 October 2020

Friday of Week 30 Year 2

Is it okay to cure on a Sabbath day? The Sabbath day is supposed to be a day of rest and worship. But in the Gospel, Jesus seems to be not following the rules of the Sabbath day. Throughout Jesus' ministry, we see that Jesus does not choose a special place, occasion or time to help and to heal. Instead, as long as Jesus sees a need, He would do something about it regardless of whether it is a Sabbath day or not.

The lawyers and the Pharisees were those who faithfully observe the Sabbath law. However, by Jesus' action, He simply showed them that there’s an exception; that the law of the Sabbath can be broken, as long as there is a good and valid reason to break it. Jesus is showing the lawyers and the Pharisees that the observance of the Sabbath day should be superseded by a more important need, in this case, the need to heal the man sick with dropsy.

If you were in Jesus' situation, what would you do? Would you simply let the man suffer from his severe sickness even if you could actually do something to help him? Or would you heal the man just like Jesus did? May our faith in God be made more real, alive and dynamic, by living it with acts of love, mercy, compassion and kindness.

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