Saturday 20 June 2020

Saturday of Week 17 Year 2

It is never easy to tell it as it is, or to tell the cold hard truth. I believe most people prefer to say or hear good news, and try as much as possible to avoid bad news. But the reality is that at times, bad news is necessary to help us grow, or to wake us up on certain realities, or even to protect us from possible harm. Also, at times, bad news could actually turn out to be good news after all, if one were to look at it from a different point of view.

In today's reading, the priests and prophets wanted to get rid of the prophet Jeremiah, as he had prophesied against the city. But Jeremiah was prophesying bad news not because he enjoyed saying bad things or for the fun of it, but to warn the people of the consequences of not amending their actions and listening to God's voice. The priests and prophets were not willing to listen to bad news from Jeremiah, but ironically, it was the city officials and the people who chose to do so, since they were convinced that such bad news was necessary and a wake up call for all to buck up and change their ways. Because of this, the city officials and the people refused to get rid of Jeremiah.

What about us? How would we treat bad news? Would we, like the priests and prophets, try to prevent bad news from circulating, or would we, like the city officials and the people, accept such bad news and change our ways? Sometimes bad news could actually save us from mortal danger, or even spiritual danger; and help us become better persons. May we learn to accept news, both good and bad, act upon such news for our own spiritual good, and continue to walk in His ways.

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