Friday 10 January 2020

Saturday of Week 1 Year 2

It is easy for us to condemn or ostracise a person, especially if the person has committed a serious crime; but how many of us are willing to give the person a second chance, especially if the person is genuinely remorseful and wanting to change his or her ways? What if we are the ones who have done something wrong and are asking for a second chance? Would we then be compassionate and merciful towards others and give them a second chance as well, just as we have been given a second chance?

In today's Gospel, Matthew, a tax collector was called by Jesus to follow Him. As a tax collector, Matthew was condemned and ostracised by his countrymen because he sold his services to the Romans to collect taxes and profited in the process. However, Jesus was willing to give Matthew a second chance by inviting him to follow Him.

What about us? Jesus gives us plenty of chances to start again. Would we be willing to set aside our prejudice, pride, self-righteousness and ego, and give others a chance, just as God has given us many chances to turn back to Him?

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