Friday 1 March 2019

Our Lady, Mother of the Church - Memorial

Some of us like to look up to certain role models in our lives. We try to follow their habits and ways, as we are attracted to their lives. But the reality of our earthly role models is that they do not remain with us forever. Some fall from their role model status, due to some significant wrongdoing or even scandal. Others become too old or even pass away, leaving behind a legacy which may be forgotten as the years go by. So what sort of role model do we really have, and what sort of role model should we Christians have?

As Christians, we have one role model whom we can look up to, and who has been guiding us and praying for us and with us all this while. That one role model is our Lady, Mother Mary. In the Gospel, when Jesus was dying on the cross, He gave Mary to the beloved disciple, and in doing so, gave Mary to us, His disciples, as our role model, mother and guide. In the reading, we see Mary with the apostles, joined in continuous prayer. Mary, as a role model, showed us what it means to be part of the church community, by joining in continuous prayer, instead of just keeping to herself.

So if we embrace Mary as our role model, then we do not need any other temporary earthly role model, since we already have an eternal role model who continues to pray for us and with us, while leading us to her Son, Jesus. Ultimately, Mary our role model is showing us the way on how we should become more and more like her Son Jesus, instead of bringing attention to herself, as what some of our earthly role models may do.

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