Tuesday 17 April 2018

Saturday of Week 10 Year 2

What is the difference between interest and commitment? When we speak about interest, we are speaking about the interest to do something only when circumstances permit; or if it is convenient to do so; or if there is some sort of incentive or benefit to it. But how many of us are willing to take it to the next level, where we become committed to the task without excuses, even if it means much inconvenience, challenges, or difficulties? For example, when we speak about preparing bacon and eggs for a meal, the chicken merely provides eggs as its involvement, since it is convenient for it to do so. But the pig has to offer its life as a total commitment, so that ham could be provided as bacon. Are we merely content in being like the chicken, providing only that which is convenient; or are we willing to be like the pig, even to the point of making the ultimate sacrifice?

In today's reading, we come across Elisha who was called by Elijah to follow him, where Elijah threw his cloak over Elisha as a sign to follow him. Elisha initially showed interest in following Elijah, by offering to follow him after kissing his father and mother. But when confronted with a choice between showing interest and making a commitment, Elisha chose to make a total commitment in following Elijah, by slaughtering the two oxen he had, using the plough to cook the oxen, and then giving the meal to his men to eat.

What about us? We say that we are followers of Jesus. We say that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. But are we following Jesus only out of interest, when it is convenient to us? Are we brothers and sisters in Christ only when it is beneficial to us? Or are we totally committed in following Jesus, walk in His ways, and truly live and behave as brothers and sisters in Christ?

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