Friday 30 October 2015

Wednesday Week 3 Year 2

It is interesting to observe what the faithful do when it comes to the Offertory at Mass. Some people would put a ringgit or two into the offertory bag or on the offertory plate; other people would give a little more; but if we work out the math, how much are we really giving to the church for various needs? Is what we are giving a fair or decent amount; or are we giving what we are really able to offer, due to our personal or family situation; or are we giving only the minimum? Seeing that money is necessary for various maintenance needs, spiritual growth of the faithful through various programmes and activities, as well as for various works of mercy, how generous are we in our giving? Are we willing to offer more than what we have been offering all these while, either out of habit or out of convenience? What about our time? Are we also willing to offer more of our time for various church activities and works of mercy? Or have we become content with merely doing or offering only the barest minimum, and expect others to do more instead?

In today's reading, we see how king David wanted to build a house for God. Perhaps he felt it was not proper or fitting to let the presence of God remain in a tent; or maybe he may have felt a little guilty or uncomfortable. But as we see in the reading, God was even more generous than king David. God assured king David that his house and sovereignty will always stand secure before Him and his throne be established for ever. The question is: if God is so generous to David, surely He has been or can also be so generous to us in many different ways. Why are some of us so calculative or stingy with our wealth and time? Do we still not have confidence and trust in God's providence, even after seeing how loving and generous He has been to David and also to us?

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