Tuesday 9 December 2014

Thursday of Week 5 Year 1

Many of us are so used to getting things done quickly. Some of us complain when there is a traffic jam and we fume while we wait for the vehicles in front of us to hurry up and go. Some of us get agitated when the internet is slow, even if it is only for a little while due to some issue that is being addressed. At work, some of us may have experienced our boss breathing down our necks, expecting us to complete a task or report quickly. Some of us may have become quite impatient with certain family members or with our children, when they take time to get dressed or when they seem slow in finishing a meal. It seems like as we become more and more modernised and progressive, we may have become more and more impatient and demanding. Life, for some, could be quite stressful, when others expect us to hurry and we in turn expect others to do the same.

However, when it comes to our prayer life and communication with God, we are reminded that God does not follow our rules or our ways. When we ask something from God, He does not always grant it to us immediately, pronto, expresso. Sometimes, we find ourselves having to wait, since ultimately, God decides what is best for us. When we don't get what we want or ask for, how many of us are humble and willing to be patient and persistent in our prayer? Would we become impatient and start looking elsewhere to get what we want?

In today's Gospel, we come across a Syrophoenician pagan woman who begged Jesus to cast the devil out of her daughter. Even though Jesus did not seem to immediately grant her her wish, she was humble enough to be patient and persistent in begging Jesus for His help. In the end, due to her immense faith in Jesus, Jesus granted her her wish. What about us? In a world which is becoming more and more obsessed in frantically rushing through things and tasks, are we willing to be patient and persistent in our prayer and in seeking God's help? Let us maintain full trust and confidence in God, knowing that He will guide us and care for us.

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