Monday, 27 January 2020

Saturday of Week 4 Year 2

One of the many realities in life is that we cannot do everything. There are some things which we can do; some things which we can do really well, as we have the gift or talent for it; and there are also some things which we just cannot do, or are able to do with some difficulty. Some things can be learnt, but learning to do such things has its limits, since we may not be naturally adept or gifted in doing such things. This is where we need to learn to let go and let others do other things which we may not necessarily be good at, or depend on God's providence to get things done.

In today's reading, king Solomon acknowledged before the Lord that he was a young man and unskilled in leadership. He asked the Lord for wisdom so that he could understand how to discern between good and evil; and to be a good king following the ways of the Lord. Because of this, king Solomon was not only given wisdom, but blessed by the Lord with power, wealth and victory over his enemies. King Solomon knew his abilities and limitations, and chose to depend on God's providence, instead of trying to do things on his own.

What about us? Are we willing and humble enough to acknowledge our abilities and limitations just as King Solomon did, and seek wisdom from the Lord, so that we could do His will? May we come to realise that ultimately, our help is in the Lord, and may we glorify Him in all we do.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Saturday of Week 3 Year 2

What sort of response do we have when we commit sin or do something wrong? Are we willing to own up to the sin committed or the wrong done? Or would we go through great lengths to deny any wrongdoing or sin, even though the sin or wrongdoing is so evident beyond reasonable doubt? Have we allowed ourselves to become blinded by pride and ego, and think that we are never wrong or never guilty?

Today's reading shows us how King David responded when the prophet Nathan confronted him with the many sins he had committed. Instead of trying to worm his way out, or make all sorts of excuses, or deny his guilt, King David was docile and humble enough to admit his guilt and merely said: "I have sinned against the Lord."

What about us? Would we be willing to own up to our wrongdoing, our mistakes, our sins? Let us not allow pride and ego get the better of us and be humble and docile, just like King David showed us, and admit our wrongdoing, our mistakes, our sins. Let us not allow the stain of wrongdoing or sin remain, lest we end up ruining our relationship with God.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Saturday of Week 2 Year 2

How generous are we towards others? Are we generous to all, regardless of who they are and where they come from, or are we generous only to certain persons who may be beneficial to us in some way? Are we generous in our time and wealth, even to the point where it hurts, or are we calculative in giving what we are comfortable in giving, or only what we can spare?

In today's Gospel, Jesus was home. A crowd had gathered and Jesus could have been calculative in giving his time towards the crowd, since some would have thought that Jesus ought to have some privacy and rest. However, to Jesus, being generous knows no bounds or limits, especially when it comes to doing the will of God. Instead of being calculative, Jesus was generous even to the point where it hurts.

What about us? would we be willing to be generous like Jesus, even forgoing our personal needs or comfort? Are we willing to put others before self, and follow Jesus' example, who showed us the true meaning of being generous? May we learn to be more like Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served, and in all we say and do, give glory to God.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Saturday of Week 1 Year 2

It is easy for us to condemn or ostracise a person, especially if the person has committed a serious crime; but how many of us are willing to give the person a second chance, especially if the person is genuinely remorseful and wanting to change his or her ways? What if we are the ones who have done something wrong and are asking for a second chance? Would we then be compassionate and merciful towards others and give them a second chance as well, just as we have been given a second chance?

In today's Gospel, Matthew, a tax collector was called by Jesus to follow Him. As a tax collector, Matthew was condemned and ostracised by his countrymen because he sold his services to the Romans to collect taxes and profited in the process. However, Jesus was willing to give Matthew a second chance by inviting him to follow Him.

What about us? Jesus gives us plenty of chances to start again. Would we be willing to set aside our prejudice, pride, self-righteousness and ego, and give others a chance, just as God has given us many chances to turn back to Him?

Monday, 6 January 2020

Saturday after Epiphany

Whose will are we trying to follow? Are we following God's will, or are we following our own will? If we say we are following God's will, then surely we should be praying for His will to be done, just as we do when we pray the Lord's Prayer. But sometimes we pray that our needs and wants are met, instead of leaving it to the Lord, and trusting that His will would be sufficient. Are we willing to refocus our prayers so that God's will be done?

In today's reading, we are reminded: "We are quite confident that if we ask the Son of God for anything, and it is in accordance with his will, he will hear us; and, knowing that whatever we may ask, he hears us, we know that we have already been granted what we asked of him." Ultimately, the reading reminds us that God listens to our prayers in accordance with His will, not ours, and that if we ask for something in accordance with His will, then we can be confident that He will hear us. Are we willing to ask in accordance with His will, trusting and knowing that He will do what is best for us, for His purposes and glory?

Thursday, 5 December 2019


今天我們歡慶聖母始胎無染原罪節日。讀經裡我們看到亞當沒服從天主旨意而嘗了禁果,之后因害怕和害羞把自己躲藏起來。另一方面, 作為基督門徒的聖母瑪利亞卻回應說:我是上主的婢女,願照你的話在我身上成就吧!

雖然聖母瑪利亞考慮到答應之后果不堪設想,但是她還是服從天主的聖意。她是個信仰堅強的女門徒,是第一位信任和接受主耶穌的婦女, 也是她給予耶穌人體肉身的偉大母親。



Wednesday, 4 December 2019



今天的讀經理, 我們可以發覺亞當,厄娃與聖母瑪利亞回應的對比。亞當沒有服從天主的勸告而吃了禁果,然后因害怕和羞恥而把自己藏起來﹔ 但是聖母瑪利亞回答天主的邀請時卻那麼慷慨地說:我是上主的婢女,願照你的話在我身上成就吧!

當瑪利亞答應天使的訊息時,她很了解以后的前途是一片茫茫的,但是她堅信天主會處理一切事務。很多教友害怕面對不實際的前途,而抱著觀望的態度﹔他們也比較喜歡做實際的事項而已。其實,天主已經賞賜給我們很多很多恩典,但是有多少教友像聖母瑪利亞那樣堅信不疑而對祂說:我願意接受?從今天開始,讓我們一起模仿瑪利亞的好榜樣, 反省自己是否對天主的召叫作出正確答案?天主無時無刻地召喚我們去信任祂,依靠祂﹔讓我們今天就全心全意地住在祂內吧。